Jamie Lawson Art + Design


Synæsthesia Text Projects 2

ink, collage, photography, etc. produced digitally
11″w x 17″h

An ongoing series of text-based posters revolving around my experience of grapheme (letter/number) – colour synæsthesia. I’ve always experienced each individual letter or number as being associated with a specific colour. The experience is “involuntary, consistent & memorable”. (Read all about it at Wikipedia, or check out my blog).

Words are semi-randomly selected for incorporation into an 11 x 17″ poster design as an experiment to explore ways of illustrating the synæsthetic experience. The series of coloured blocks beneath each poster represents the absolute colour makeup of each letter. My experience of the words however, is not quite so straightforward – the challenge has become to illustrate the ways in which the initial letters of the words and the combination of competing colours influence one another. So far this has been a fascinating exercise – both fun & strangely challenging. Hopefully it’s interesting to others too.